26 thoughts on “Moira Muñoz Synth Jam At Superbooth 17

    1. Because she kicks ass on her gear of choice?

      Kudos to Yamaha for featuring someone that’s not using the latest and greatest and even using hacked gear.

      Also, where can I get that DX7 shirt?

  1. I agree. Awesomeness in the first degree! She’s REALLY into her circuit bent drum machines — and I find that quite alluring.

    1. I find it interesting that comments on the musicians sexual appeal to a male are just fine, but comments which highlight that perhaps it would be nice if a female could just do stuff and not have to worry about it being sexually appealing to random men she will never meet would be better. That gets deleted?

  2. I can’t stand circuit bent drum machines as they ruin the originals and they always sound awful. Not dissing this girl because I haven’t heard the performance but for instance why would someone circuit bend a Roland TR707 which is already a great sounding drum machine?

    1. I would tend to agree, and I had to turn this video off half way through as it was giving me a headache, but the girl looked like she was having fun and thats the bottom line for all of us me thinks. I’m sure I gave a few people headaches at my 6th grade piano recital, but unfortunately they couldn’t just hit the stop button lol 😀

      1. “but the girl looked like she was having fun ”

        Saying “Muñoz” or at least ‘the woman’ would help you avoid sounding like a Neanderthal.

        1. Some Neanderthals were girls too. Neanderthals were brave and perfectly tuned with their harsh environment, not mentally challenged, until the got killed off by our ancestors, allegedly. It is not healthy to be triggered by every little thing you read on the internet. Enjoy life, synths and her talent instead. I love the font of my DX7II way better.

          1. Letting sexist comments pass is how we got to this state of affairs. Telling people to relax and “let it pass” it exactly what the patriarchy has been telling women to do for a Millenia or two.

            1. Maybe the white patriarchy of your culture? In “my culture” from Ancient Egypt, women had the same rights as men as far as divorce, property, etc . Again it is a waste of time to assume everyone typing online looks like you, or only white people love synths. Music is for everybody and time on this planet is short. Let’s us be happy, zen and creative for a few minutes a day while visiting Synthtopia.

              1. Seriously? You’re going to argue that women are treated equally in Egypt TODAY? And actually the most equal societiestoday are in Scandinavia and Ireland, this is because as you say about ancient Egypt their history treated women equally in owning property divorce etc.

                1. We need to respect all cultures equally and open our heart to everyone who loves making music. Some people in Scandinavia used to be cannibals and would eat each other, while at the same time, a world away, women could divorce and own their property. We should try to avoid defining what a woman should be, based on a narrow and made up culture we all are guilty of belonging to. There is no such thing as a superior culture or a superior race. The joy of music make us all equal and happy, from Ireland to Egypt.

                  1. You’re just a troll, I haven’t even told you where I’m from and you’re making all these assumptions. I promise you they’re wrong. Nothing you’ve said makes any sense or has any point. You started this by trying to silence people that speak up for women, you should think about that.

                    1. All humans are created equal and it is wrong to believe some humans are superior than others. Music is what defines us more than anything else in this world. I believe we, the homo sapiens, started to sing before we started to talk. Rhythm is the universal language. We are born with a djembe deep in our chest. Everything is the sin ego centrism, the belief we know who we talk to, not knowing who we are first. We are so much better that. Music builds bridges and love.


      Dudebro thinks sexism is just fine, and calling out sexism is “pathetic” “crap” that he doesn’t want to see. Completely misses irony.

      No more on this story as it fails to develop.

    2. please do not attack people and tell them they are pathetic just because you don’t want to hear their quite reasonable assertions that women are not children, and they have names.

  3. Deleting, ie silencing women speaking up about the inappropriateness of some comments here leads to the illusion that the people unhappy about those comments are alone in their feelings, further isolating them from the community. You may not entirely agree with the comment personally, but that doesn’t give you the right to silence someone. Why is your comment ok, but mine had to be deleted? I didn’t attack anyone, I just pointed out unhelpful behaviour and why it was unhelpful. In a perfect society I wouldn’t have to make any comment. But this isn’t a perfect society, so the few people like me that bother to say sonething shouldn’t be silenced because it makes you uncomfortable.

  4. Quite enjoyable performance, I’m always happy to see more _ (girls/women?) active in the synth scene, and seeing how few bits of equipment she has used, pulling off a solid performance without overextended & dull moments is quite a challenge. *

    (* I also play improvised live sets, so I know what I’m talking about; e.g imagine you have 3 bass synths, you can silence one and crossfade to another type of sound smoothly. At the same time if you only have one and want to introduce a new timbre, you’ll need to mute it and readjust: your bassline drops, and the groove is ruined. Just one example.

    ** Of course, you can tweak the knobs — e.g add resonance, filter env intensity — to transform your current bass into acid line, but it’s not the same as having the two synths, where you can mix in another sound more like you’d do in a dj set, which is a different type of transition).

    Regarding the usage of G-word & W-word… I’m frankly on the fence. Maybe it is a cultural thing, but to me calling anyone girl doesn’t come as particularly offensive. I’m having slightly hard time overcoming the barrier and using the word “woman”, as where I live — in Belarus, — we tend to call women people past the certain age. E.g if you call young lady “woman”, it’d be an insult of the highest order, as they’d think you suggest they look older than they do (“woman” is 40+) and they expect to be called “girl” (in Russian equivalent of a word, of course).

    So, to me, calling anyone out for word choice like this comes as an overreaction, as to me the word “girl” is no more offensive than a “sunflower”, “mate”, or “teabag”. (In fact calling someone a teabag sounds rather rude, if I think about it. 🙂 ) Sometimes, when I want to compliment a female artist or bring up the subject of women in electronic music, I quite want to use this one in a sentence, but tend to refrain, because I can’t predict how people will react. Is there a politically correct substitutional term I can use, in situations when I think a person / performer is young enough and calling them “woman” is unjustified?


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