Soundmachines Arches Tactile Touch Controller Sneak Preview

At Superbooth 17, Soundmachines previewed their upcoming Arches tactile gestural interface.

Arches is a performance-oriented touch interface, featuring 12 sliders, 2 x-y-pressure pads where your thumbs lay and 8 pressure-sensitive buttons.

Other features:

  • Arpeggiator and step-sequencer.
  • Easy scene/preset management.
  • High quality DACs for flawless Euro and Buchla interfacing.
  • 84hp eurorack panel housed in a small and sturdy desktop enclosure.

Here’s a video overview, via ANR:

3 thoughts on “Soundmachines Arches Tactile Touch Controller Sneak Preview

  1. Looks very useful and really cool. Love the Soundplane, gets used a lot. Can only imagine all the possibilities this offers. My mind boggles! (tho it doesn’t take much to do that :p )

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