Intros Q107A ‘Single-Wide’ Filter today introduced a new ‘single-wide’ version of its Q107 State Variable Filter

The Q107A is the same module, but compressed to fit into 1 unit width. Both filters use the same circuitry, and they sound and operate identically. To fit the controls onto a single-width panel, the Q107A lacks the Notch output and the input mixer attenuator of its larger sibling.

Pricing and Availability

The Q107A is available now for US $136. A panel conversion for the older filter is also available.

4 thoughts on “ Intros Q107A ‘Single-Wide’ Filter

  1. Nice.

    These guys have been adding lots of good stuff lately. And the price is pretty crazy, you can hardly get a Euro filter in that range.

  2. Still would like to see them do more filters.

    It’s sort of incomprehensible that after 15 years or so, they’ve still just got two filter designs.

    My best filters are some MOTM modules I diy’d, but I’d buy some interesting filters if they were available.

    1. Oakleysound make some amazing filters for 5U DIY. You can buy them pre-built at in either MU or MOTM panel format.

  3. A very welcome option and I’m impressed with how much of the functionality they were able to retain in a half-size format. Makes we wonder if a Q106A single-wide oscillator is next.

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