Pete Fowler Limited Edition Atmegatron Synthesizer

Soulsby Synthesizers shared this teaser for the Pete Fowler Limited Edition Atmegatron.

The synth features artwork designed by Pete Fowler (Super Furry Animals / Monsterism), and is limited to an edition of 30 units.

The synth comes with all 7 overlays (Atmegatron, Odytron, Atcyclotron, Delayertron, Atmegadrum, Duotron and Strings), Programmer cable, Atmegatron and Odytron manual and Quick Reference Card.

The music in the teaser video was made by by Soulsby Synths using all 7 Atmegatron software versions (with the each prominent part in the music roughly syncing with the video pics).

Pricing and Availability

The Pete Fowler Limited Edition Atmegatron is available now for £195.83.

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