Star Wars The Force Theme Cover By Scandroid

Just in time for Star Wars Day (May The 4th), Klayton (aka Celldweller) shared this epic 80’s style retronica take on The Force Theme.

“I was inspired by artists like Tomita who re-imagined iconic Star Wars themes with synthesizers,” notes Klayton. “I was excited to cover the ‘The Force Theme’ because I wanted to blend classic analog synthesizers with a re-orchestration of the original song. Not only was I influenced by the classic Star Wars films, but I am inspired by the possibilities of the new films. Enjoy this May 4th release and may the Force be with you.”

Scandroid’s take on The Force Theme is availaable in iTunes.

7 thoughts on “Star Wars The Force Theme Cover By Scandroid

  1. I cannot explain how those hideous “Simmons” toms make me feel…… They sounded crap in 1982 but at least they had the excuse of being new and different…. 35 years later there really is NO reason for them to exist on ANY piece of music ever, ever, EVER again……

    1. There is not a single day without somebody using a comment field or Facebook etc. to bash the work of others. If you don´t like it, just DO NOT LISTEN.

  2. Synthwave is NOT fucking ironic!
    Nor is it cheesy.
    It is a genuine love for 80’s film, tv, library music, not to mention
    the incredible amount of great music; pop or otherwise!
    And everything about the 80’s in general.

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