Syrinx Documentary

RVNG Intl. shared this short documentary on the 70’s Canadian electronic music group Syrinx.

Syrinx (synthesist and multi-instrumentalist John Mills-Cockell, percussionist Alan Wells and saxophonist Doug Pringle) was a short-lived progressive psychedelic rock group.

In the video, founder Mills-Cockell tells the story of the group and its rise and fall.

Syrinx was also featured recently on┬áJohn Diliberto’s Echoes podcast, embedded below:

Syrinx will be performing live at Moogfest 2017, they first performance in 45 years. See the Moogfest site for details.

7 thoughts on “Syrinx Documentary

  1. I knew this was ringing a bell! I used to watch that show “here comes the seventies” (Vers l’an 2000, en fran├žais). A lot of what they were forecasting turned out wrong! But I loved the theme music by Syrinx. Great to hear about them again.

      1. Remember, that was on canadian tv…
        Being relatively close to the US border, I watch OTA american channels like Movies TV Network (great vintage stuff), and I am in disbelief that they blur any form of nudity: the other day, they blurred breasts…on a statue (not making this up)! To me, considering the human body as “obscene” is a form of mental illness.

    1. AS a child growing up in Canada, I used to regularly watch that show (and especially the beach scene in the opening credits). Loved the synths in the title music. In fact, I recall Syrinx playing a mini Moog in the closing sequence. However, at the time, I found the show to be dark and alarmist, and especially with the opening sequence’s use of video clips featuring technology, war, armageddon (and bare asses).

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