Critter & Guitari Intro ETC 720p Video Synthesizer

Critter & Guitari have introduced the ETC – a 720p generative video synthesizer. 

Here are the official video demos for the ETC video synthesizer:

Here’s what they have to say about the ETC:

The ETC reacts to music to create endlessly mesmerizing visuals. It is simple to use, just plug it in and start creating. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the ETC, there are many features and goodies hidden inside. Whether you are creating live visuals, working on a music video, or want to program your own graphics, the ETC will become an indispensable tool.

The ETC comes with numerous pattern generators called modes. Navigate the modes using buttons, and then tweak their visual appearance using four knobs. The modes respond to audio input in various ways; from smooth undulating patterns to rapid fire animations. There is a global control for background color and a setting that allows the graphics to pile up in vibrant collages.

When you happen upon a setting that you like, press the scene save button to save it. Now this scene can be recalled a future time. The screenshot button saves the current frame as a JPEG to the USB drive on the side of the device.

The ETC features MIDI inputs so you can be automate it with other devices or your favorite computer performance software. Program change messages recall saved scenes and CC messages control the visual parameters. You can easily create visuals in sync with the rest of your tracks!

If you really want to go deep, you can also program your own modes for the ETC. Modes are written in Python. Attaching a USB WiFi adapter (sold separately) turns the ETC into a WiFi hotspot so you can edit and create modes right from a web browser.

Pricing and Availability:

The ETC video synthesizer is available now for US $495.

10 thoughts on “Critter & Guitari Intro ETC 720p Video Synthesizer

      1. not defending the price*, but i think this device does a lot more than the other video synth stuff they make.

        *which gets pretty brutal if you live in New Zealand.

        That said, I’m keen.

    1. Magic Music Visuals is great software and very reasonable.. it’s possibilities blow the doors of this box. Although w/ pygame and the wifi some interesting modes can be conjured that don’t yet exist.. but for me.. I like magic music visuals.. if you’re looking to create reactive visuals.. I highly recommend it. magicmusicvisuals . com. it’s $89 for the performer addition.. check it out. it’s badass…and the workflow is modular… and for the record .. I own this ETC video synth.. although.. as you might guess.. for me it was disappointing in comparison .. apples and oranges perhaps.. but for me it’s about creating the most awesomeness for the money..and magic does just that and more.

  1. Now this is a commercial I could get with interrupting my YouTube watching.

    Pretty pictures and nifty sounds interspersed with subliminal messages throughout.

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