8 thoughts on “Live ‘Synthphonic Orchestra’ Performance

  1. The video edits are weird, cutting in sections of keyboard playing that are not what we’re hearing. The hazy shots of the countryside were synched up perfectly.

    It’s a nice piece.

  2. I wonder why I’m never convinced that sampled brass is never quite right when I see it played on a keyboard, yet as soon as it cuts to the scenic photography I’m sure it’s a real brass section.

  3. So often, getting the articulations right can be a challenge. If playing with a single articulation it is a matter of having the right sample library– then playing to that articulation.

    As a brass player, I’m often disappointed with the way sample brass comes across. His brass sounds are just ok.

  4. Damn! This gentleman man can play and write.

    I kept expecting to see Napoleon and his army marching over the hill in the scenic shots.

    My only critique, move the camera to an angle where the viewer can see your hands better your skills deserve to be heard and seen.

  5. Daniel such a thrill to be able to play what you imagine.

    (Now move the camera dear fellow so we can see better your playing).

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