Ableton Intros New Browser-Based Learning Music Tutorial

Ableton has launched a new site, Learning Music, that offers a set of free browser-based music tutorials.

Topics include:

  • Get started
  • Beats
  • Notes and scales
  • Chords
  • Basslines
  • Melodies
  • Song structure
  • Advanced topics

The lessons cover beatmakingĀ basics, but also manage to introduce a lot of music theory, ranging from building scales to chords and inversions.

They also use some interesting interactive tools to cover things like song structure:

The fact that the tutorials are browser-based and interactive makes them a lot more immediate and compelling that traditional music education texts.

Ableton’s Learning Music site isĀ free to use and it doesn’t ‘push’ the company’s products.They just want to get more people making music.

via Alexander Nowak

2 thoughts on “Ableton Intros New Browser-Based Learning Music Tutorial

  1. I wish Ableton would introduce Live 10 with a bunch of improvements, bug fixes and features that have worked in other DAWS for over a decade. Would be welcomed with open arms.

  2. I really enjoyed using this and even if you just use it to try out some melody and bass line ideas before saving it to Live (genius idea and implementation) then it would be good. The educational aspect which is well written with good examples (more though please i.e. Mantronik/x bass lien examples :)) is really good too. overall how could Ableton not be applauded for such a generous and fun gift?

    btw, would have got even more out of this when I was 15/16 – not that internet was in play in those days, cough

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