4 thoughts on “Arturia MicroBrute Synth Tips & Tricks

  1. these are excellent Microbrute tutorials. Myself I’ve experimented with audio input, patch points, and other stuff mentioned too, but never made a video, because I simply don’t do videos of that kind. Good to know that loopop is there. Good work, loopop!

  2. Really enjoying and valuing these videos by Loopop who deserves a lot of credit. I don’t use my MB due to a lack of time and space but the info. is there to employ and try out when I am able. Well done.

  3. Another couple of tips:

    Connecting gate out to gate in is another way to sustain notes without holding down a key.

    The Brute Factor knob is basically just feedback — you can patch your own feedback from the headphone out into the aux in, and you can put other effects in the middle for extra weirdness. You can also run the output into a CV to self-modulate the Microbrute if it’s just not nasty enough for you already 😀

    If you like the short patch cables that come with the MicroBrute, Erthenvar has some very short (12cm or 15cm) orange cables that are very similar. I find them useful for self-patching Eurorack modules, connecting adjacent modules, for using RYO Airtenuators, or with a female-to-female barrel connector when my longest patch cables are just slightly too short. https://erthenvar.myshopify.com/collections/3-5mm-cables/products/3-5mm-straight-orange-crush?variant=15763918275

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