New Plugin Instrument, Modalities, Inspired By Depeche Mode

LoopLords has introduced Modalities, a plugin instrument that they say is inspired by the sound of Depeche Mode.

The plugin features 162 multi-sampled sounds. The plugin interface provides access to sound-shaping parameters, including amp ADSR, reverb, glide and voice mode selector.

Audio Demos:

Pricing & Availabilty

Modalities is available now for US $29 as a VST plugin for Windows (x32 & x64) and Mac OS X, as well as an Audio Unit plugin for Logic Pro.

4 thoughts on “New Plugin Instrument, Modalities, Inspired By Depeche Mode

  1. Doesn’t sound remotely like DM. I’m not wild about this. It sounds like a bad Reason “Free Refill” from 2002.

    1. It does say ‘inspired by’ so there’s that but I have to agree. Some of the shorter tonal percussive elements remind me of late 80s DM but that’s about it.

  2. Having just purchased this , I really like some of the sounds, it was a bitch to download considering the size of the app, however like anything I will use it and I know that maybe the majority of the sounds are a bit naff, some are real beauties and will be incorporated in some of my own work. so they don’t sound just like Depeche mode?, what would, and whats the point of having identical sounds, it was inspired by them not samples of their work

  3. I’ve been a DM fan for decades and most of these voices sound exactly like theirs. My criticisms are: 1) they should have done a lot more songs but just a couple of iconic voices from each, 2) the interface isn’t very accessible and the controls should have actual names rather than just initials and most importantly, 3) the ‘manual’ is terrible. It’s just a diagram. That’s fine but it’s also an unreadable diagram, with text presented in a distorted handwriting font, and the name of one of the controls is missing.

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