JOMOX Alpha Base Hands-On Demo With Creator Jürgen Michaelis

In this set of videos, via LESINDES, JOMOX designer Jürgen Michaelis demos his new Alpha Base drum machine design.

The Jomox Alpha Base is a new drum machine design that features eleven drum voices, sequencer, Midi/USB/SD-Card and individual outputs.

In the first video, above, Michaelis shows what the Alpha Base can do with a live jam.

In the next videos, Michaelis offers an in-depth look at the new drum machine design:

The Jomox Alpha Base is priced at 1699.00 €*. See the Jomox site for details.

9 thoughts on “JOMOX Alpha Base Hands-On Demo With Creator Jürgen Michaelis

    1. I took a dramamine, watched for 3 minutes and then slept for 9 hours.

      Seriously, though. I like those sounds and it does look like fun to play with.

      The cameraman is actually outside filming through the window. It’s creepy, but he’s doing a really good job, considering.

    1. Meh. Get a better job then mate. If you where seriously interested in it, you’d find a way, but your not and so are here to winge. This is the bomb of today’s DMs, and is priced accordingly.

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