10 thoughts on “Live Looping External Gear With The OP-1

        1. What a sad rebut. Ableton does run on a laptop. Why wouldn’t he enjoy his Ableton on outdoor jams with his friends ?

    1. The OP-1 does plenty to justify $850 imho. 10 synth engines, a drum synth, 2 sampler engines, 7 effects engines, 7 methods to sequence, lots of modulation, built in Microphone and FM radio for direct sampling, 4 track tape recorder. I was hesitant for 6 years about it and I’m mad I ever was. Bought mine in November and it’s my favorite piece of gear ever.

  1. Hey are going for about 600 bucks on eBay. I’ve owned one since they first came out. Sold a ton of gear since, I’ll never get rid of that. The live looping, arp( added in a recent update years after release) the sequencer, and 4 tracks with overdub and instant export of said 4 tracks through USB, it’s a keeper just for the features. Not to mention the synth engines who all have unique qualities. Oh, and a sampler. All in one box for 800 bucks ain’t that bad.
    You can buy one nice synth for that price and still need something to record. Once you realize the amount of things you can do with the OP-1, 800 bucks seems like a rip off. That’s if your a hardware person, otherwise software always wins, you know.

  2. Wow, still using their old advertising imagery… the current website images weren’t sexy enough for synthtopia? I’m not really a fan of using a woman as a keyboard stand.

  3. I’d like the OP-1 if it weren’t for the useless animations on the interface. Some of them have absolutely no relationship to the musical context they are set in

  4. When synthesizers first came out, all of the musicians at the time called it a toy for making fake sounds. Then… time happened. If you can plug said toy into a PA system and rock a crowd, the toy argument is pretty null. Can’t rock a crowd with a GI- Joe figure or Legos. Can’t make an entire album with just a toy. Well, you probably could with some creativity

    1. The OP-1s output is totally shit, full of noise and artifacts, so good luck with playing through that PA. It’s overpriced, but fun and pretty unique. Not a toy (it does have a “sound”), nor a professional piece of audio equipment (it doesn’t have connections). I like mine mostly as a set piece for guests to play with or noodling about on when travelling, but I wouldn’t recommend prioritizing buying it over a “real” synth or laptop. The interface is beyond annoying in many instances as someone else pointed out. The amount of extremely stupid questions on the op-1 boards seem to indicate that alot of its users aren’t musicians.

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