ANTS! Semi-modular Synthesizer Now Available

Plankton Elektronics has announced that its ANTS! all-in-one semi-modular synthesizer is now available to order.

ANTS! is a semi-modular analog synthesizer, in desktop format, that offers analog sound, more than 50 patch points and 19 knobs.

Here’s a video of the ANTS! in action:

Audio Demos:

Detailed specifications for the ANTS! are available at the Plankton Electronics site.

Pricing and Availability:

The Ants! synthesizer is available for €490.

9 thoughts on “ANTS! Semi-modular Synthesizer Now Available

  1. Terrific demo; really shows the thing’s range, and it sounds great to my ears. Best of all, completely devoid of BS.

    1. I had sort of a similar thought. I love my 0-Coast and this seems like it might be a good partner. (Or a good intro to modular for noobs.)

      There’s quite a bit here and it’s good value for money. Some of the modules are really basic, and with this many oscillators/modulators it really could use more VCAs and mixers. But this is the strongest candidate I have right now for gear to add to my pile, aside from actual Eurorack modules.

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