Korg Intros 15th Anniversary microKorg Platinum

Korg today introduced the microKorg PT, a 15th-anniversary edition of its popular minikey virtual analog synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

It has been fifteen years since microKORG’s release in 2002, and now in 2017, a 15th anniversary platinum-color model is now available.

The stylish operating panel features a bright color scheme unified by accents such as black wood panels at left and right, making it an exciting color variation model new to the microKORG.

All specifications other than color are identical to the microKORG model.

Pricing and Availability

The microKorg PT is coming soon, with a street price of US $399.

36 thoughts on “Korg Intros 15th Anniversary microKorg Platinum

  1. “All specifications other than color are identical to the microKORG model.”


    I guess now that Tats is gone Korg’s going to follow the post-Jobs Apple thing.

  2. I had a chance to check this out at Korg recently…now that it’s announced, I guess I’m not subject to the NDA any longer. This new Microkorg sounds AMAZING. Anyone who buys one will be making PLATINUM tracks in no time!

    1. As much as I would agree. I regret every day selling mine, but for some reason I don’t have the urge to buy it back. It’s a real messed up relationship.

    1. That’s the MS2000, which I could stand to see reissued. Oh, but it’s not analog, per your original comment, but not a deciding factor for me.

      1. There are actually quite a lot of features tucked away in the MS2000 menu that cannot be accessed from the front panel knobs, but it’s decidedly more instantly tweakable than the Micro…

  3. Next up. PolkaDot. Those things must be selling like hot cakes for them to be issuing so many different colors.

  4. Korg, let the MicroKorg die graciously. Sincerely your fans.

    P.S. can’t wait to see the twentieth anniversary edition: MicroKorg Unobtanium version.

  5. I still think they should bring out a desktop (keyboard-less) version. My microkorg has been a staple in my setup for 11 years. And I can’t let go of some of those patches. But the real estate it uses is slowing me down. I would gladly fork over the existing price again for a module version that could replace it. I would even pay more for a module with a more user friendly UI. Like an OLED screen like the Mini/Monologues, instead of the printed matrix. I’ve even been considering buying another one, removing the keybed, and building a new enclosure to facilitate this. Come on korg, please…

    1. Might cost less to have someone help you build a custom case for the guts (sans keyboard/ribbon) or modify the current casing. I’ve been considering this for my X-station as I can’t find a KS rack anywhere and I never use the X-station as a midi controller anymore.

      1. Good choice. My MS2000r is still my favorite pad synth (except the FIZMO, but that thing basically patches itself and I just stand in awe of it).

  6. Give us a, 8 or 16 voice VCO analog poly. The megalogue. Analog polys are affordable now, so this 4 voice fake analog product is not necessary.

  7. I have a Korg MicroSAMPLER…and it is ,actually, a ton of fun and useful. They are actually harder to come by, as it turns out. For quick sample groovemaking/scratchpad it is great. The built in mic is useful. It’s sort of like …as my Ipad is to my macbook…the microsampler is is to an MPC (can’t wait to get the new Live).
    Some of you should give it a second look if you can get one cheap.
    The microKorg , however, is everywhere used…and I really don’t see the point of this at all…lol.

  8. The synth actually sounds really good. When they released the updated model last year, I was hoping that they’d double the polyphony. If they had, I may have gotten one.

    These are cool but there are some very good competing products available now. If you’re looking for great value, you might want to check out the JD-Xi. It sounds good and does far more than the original MK.

  9. Sorry Korg, but to be Platinum the MicroKorg should be turning 65.
    15th anniversary is Crystal.
    Make it right. Make it crystal.

    1. That looks really cool. I had completely forgotten that Korg made some limited edition instruments with all solid black keys.

      Now that would be the thing to do if doing a color re-release. Versions with interesting combinations of fashionable colors. Like you could get the -MG model with maroon and forest green keys. Or the -PC model with pumpkin and chartreuse.

  10. Great synth, though i prefer the all black version.
    Its certainly fluctuated in price over the years, at one point a secondhand Microkorg could be found easily and rather cheaply, yet recently ive seen folk asking for close to the retail price of this newly released version.

  11. There isn’t a single reason to purchase it: it’s more expensive than the old one (which is a classic) and not on par with the microKorg S.

  12. There is something very special about the Microkorg even though I’m not absolutely sure what it is. I received it for my 18th birthday 12 years ago and it’s responsible for tossing me down the synth rabbit hole. Now Im in a room full of “better ” vintage and modern synths yet every couple of months I get the microkorg out and each time I have so much fun with it and am some how always blown a way by its sound. I always put it back up a few days later and put something else in its place but I’ll never sale it and it will always come out to play every couple of months for a few of days. That being said is the microkorg like the Atari 2600 now? Are there more microkorgs on the earth than humans at this point?

  13. This was my first hardware synth about 13 years ago. Traded it for NI Komplete after a couple of weeks and never regretted it.

  14. Can we please stop with the bloody new color sceme bit

    Its not fun anymore

    Maybe this is amped up for something else to come but please please please no more

    Thank you for understanding

  15. why not put a FILTER or SOMETHING NEW on it lol.. good keyboard but hey… doesn’t take much brains to try something new on a proven platform does it??

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