Mutable Instruments Clouds Gets Beat Repeat Mode With Kammerl Firmware

This video, via Voltage Control Lab, demonstrates a new ‘Beat Repeat’ mode for the Mutable Instruments Clouds Eurorack module.

The new mode comes from an alternate firmware for the Clouds, available from Kammerl, that adds Beat Repeat and a Spectral Clouds effect, a high-resolution auto-modulated multiband filter.

Three modes of the official firmware are still present and have been not modified. The “Spectral Processor” mode has been replaced with the “Spectal Clouds” effect. And the firmware adds a fifth mode to your Clouds module with enables new real-time beat and sound manipulation features.

The Kammerl firmware is available free download. Instructions for updating the firmware are available at the MI site.

If you’ve used an alternative firmware for the Clouds module, leave a comment and share what you’re using!

One thought on “Mutable Instruments Clouds Gets Beat Repeat Mode With Kammerl Firmware

  1. It took some repeated efforts and gain setting to get this installed but I’m blown away, works amazing with disting sd sample playback

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