Bitwig Studio 2.1 Now Available

Bitwig has released Bitwig Studio 2.1, an update that delivers new features and devices and comes with an assortment of new presets and sounds.

Here’s what’s new in Bitwig Studio v2.1:

  • Amp – Inject some virtual analog grit into your sounds with the new Amp device. The Amp consists of pre and post sections with individual EQs, a drive section with 8 drive types and a cabinet simulation offering advanced cabinet, coloring and mix settings.
  • MIDI Clock slave – MIDI Clock slave functionality lets you sync up Bitwig Studio 2.1 to external MIDI clock sources. Let your hardware sequencer control the Bitwig Studio clock and transport, or sync Bitwig Studio to other software, or indeed run two instances of Bitwig Studio in perfect sync.
  • New Bitwig sounds – Bitwig Studio 2.1 comes with a significant sound content update which includes more than 150 high quality presets for numerous Bitwig devices, including 50 versatile Amp presets, 174 first class drum synth sounds, an impressive electric guitar package featuring multi-samples of the 7 string “Squier Stagemaster-7” and an inspiring Eurorack sound package from Irrupt. All new content is available via the Package Manager within Bitwig Studio.

Bitwig Amp:

MIDI Clock Slave:

Bitwig 2.1 Content Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Bitwig is available for $399 USD / 379 EUR. Version 2.1 is a free update for all Bitwig Studio 2 license holders. A demo version is also available.

10 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio 2.1 Now Available

  1. This may not be the best full featured DAW in the world (yet) but it by far my favourite piece of music making software. I have been using it to drive my modular (with an ES ES-8) and it is locked in tight and capable of just about any sort of modulation, it truly is a revolution with audio going to and from the modular. The Midi sync is also very tight- I have Bitwig slaved to my Analog RYTM and basically us it as a clip launcher (often CV clips to the modular!)

    It may not be the DAW for you if you are in to recording live bands etc, but as a sound creation tool and linked with hardware (especially CV) it is in a league of its own now.

      1. I have both (gearslut!) I would say ‘currently’ that Live (as in its name) is best for live DJ type performances, Bitwig can do all the clip launch stuff and has (more advanced) racks, but it is also more of a DAW with a lot more linear recording/editing capability so more suited to more normal DAW roles…

        It really depends what you are in to and what your priorities are – I am in to CV, hardware sync, MPE and love the ‘in clip’ editing etc, so for me at least its Bitwig most of the time.

      2. 2.0 specs added a lot of functionality not in Ableton Live.
        2.1 adds more…
        Sticking with your analogy:
        Ableton is like Coke in a glass bottle without a bottle opener; Bitwig is way before its time like Crystal Pepsi.

  2. Hahahaha! Crystal Clear Pepsi! Was around for like a month!

    I’ve always been curious of BitWig Studio. I have and use Ableton (sometimes). Mainly for the looper and getting rough ideas out quickly. Is there any more insight as to how Bit wig operates as a DAW / linear recorder? Thats the thing that takes me out of my creativity, something about the arrangement view of ableton. Its like Acid pro back in the day! Just set up like a weird film editing program. I’m more at easy in a Logic/ Cubase enviroment where stacking tracks and making pin point adjustments is half the fun of getting a loop nice and tight.

    Any thoughts from a bitwig user?

  3. Must not buy another DAW, must not buy another DAW, but its shiny and new and…must not buy another DAW.

  4. Doesn’t hold a candle to my live suite with all my plugins. What I like about Live is KISS. Keep it simple stupid.

    1. No it isn’t, never expires, you own the licence, never need to pay again (unless you want to)

      You pay for updates/new features just like most other DAWS, when you pay for he update you get a years fee updates, after tat, updates are not free…you can not upgrade for a couple of years and then just go back in when there is something that takes your fancy.

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