Expressive Control Using The LinnStrument

In this video, Roger Linn demonstrates a variety of expressive playing techniques that can be used with the LinnStrument.

Much of the focus is on gestures used if you want to emulate various acoustic instruments, but he also discusses how to apply expressive gestures to synthesis. Along the way, Linn shows how gestures that are used in a variety of styles of music can be translated to the LinnStrument.

Linn also touches on Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression, which he talks about in depth in our Roger Linn interview.

You can find out more about the LinnStrument at the Roger Linn Design site.

3 thoughts on “Expressive Control Using The LinnStrument

  1. Linnstrument #361

    Even without going all the way to physical modelling I really like the sound of the Linnstrument + MPE & FM Synthesis.
    Bitwig’s MPE compatibility makes life easy.

    I will have to get brave and post a video on Youtube sometime…

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