New Software Synth, Ripplemaker, Inspired By West-Coast Synthesizers

Developer Bram Bos, creator of iOS software synths Ruismaker and Troublemaker, shared this sneak preview of Ripplemaker, designed to be a modular “West-Coast synthesis” playground.

Ripplemaker isĀ inspired by synths such as the Make Noise 0-Coast, the Kilpatrick Audio Phenol and the Bastl Instruments Kastle.

Here’s what Bos has to say about Ripplemaker:

Following the experimental synthesis philosophy of people like Buchla and Serge, west-coast synthesis offers a very different approach from the traditional subtractive methods of Moog synths. It’s much more about experimenting with additive timbres (hence the absence of a conventional filter) and the manipulation of CV signals.

This video shows a typical generative patch concept called “Krell” (inspired by the soundtrack of the movie “Forbidden Planet” ‘composed’ by Louis Barron). It’s self-generating, so no sequencers or triggers are used here. But obviously Ripplemaker will be fully AUv3 compatible so you can do slightly more conventional/musical patches with it šŸ˜‰

Recorded in AUM with AUFX:SPACE reverb plugin.

Pricing and availability for Ripplemaker are to be announced.

9 thoughts on “New Software Synth, Ripplemaker, Inspired By West-Coast Synthesizers

  1. It should be pointed out that the Forbidden Planet soundtrack is by Bebe and Louis Barron.

    I’m not sure why the female member of the team would be left out.

  2. Yep, give credit where due. I have always been a big die hard fan for this pair Bebe n Louise Barron….love the movie n soundtrack…I have an early recording on vinyl of this soundtrack…I got to see this flick when I was young in Chicago at a vaudeville/movie house called the Colony Theater Dad n I were totally blown away. It took Bebe n Louise a long time to put this soundtrack togeather…hats off to them…

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