Befaco Intros Jumpskiff, A DIY Eurorack Skiff & Power Solution

Befaco has introduced Jumpskiff, a new DIY Eurorack skiff & power solution.

The Jumpskiff is made from lightweight materials, including a PCB base (which doubles as the bus board) and side panels, acrylic end panels and aluminum rails.

The integrated power supply outputs 625mA at +/- 12V rails and 1A at the +5V. The bus board offers 14x IDC power connections.

Here’s what Befaco’s Thom Conaty has to say about the Jumpskiff:

We began our design process for the Jumpskiff to meet the requests we often received at our DIY Eurorack workshops for a sexy yet cost-effective, DIY enclosure and power solution for those getting started in Eurorack.

With this in mind we have developed a lightweight yet robust skiff which is perfect for any musician who needs a portable system for the road.


  • Input: 15 – 20V AC
  • Output: +/-12V: 625mA, -5V: 1A
  • Width: 98 HP
  • Depth: 52 mm
  • Connectors: 14x IDC
  • Includes power supply, bus, rails and 70x hex nuts.

Video Intro:

Pricing and Availability

The Jumpskiff is available now for Torgood 214,83 € (plus local taxes and shipping).

6 thoughts on “Befaco Intros Jumpskiff, A DIY Eurorack Skiff & Power Solution

  1. The MN skiff in Europe is around 295 before taxes and s/h at most places.

    The Befaco main advantage is the weight. It is vastly lighter than similar skiffs. You can put threaded strips in there. Stick it in a gig bag and you have a good travel case option. The soldering looks really easy…

    As stated by them, this is intended as a good start- especially in Europe where anything portable is about double the price it is in the US

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