Nozoïd MMO-3 Synthesizer Offers Complex Timbre Control

Developer Cyrille Henry has announced the availability of a new synthesizer, the Nozoïd MMO-3.

The MMO-3 is a digital, semi-modular synthesizer, built around various types of modulation synthesis (AM, FM, PM, WS). The focus of the MMO-3 is primarily on atonal sound generation. The developer says that it offers rich and complex timbre control and is great for “fat drones, glitchy electronic patterns or percussive noise.”

Video Demo:

All 3 oscillators can be modulated by all oscillators or LFOs. Modulation parameters are accessible thanks to 9 knobs for an accurate and continuous adjustment of the timbre.

Moreover, it’s not only a FM synth : it also offers Phase Modulation, Amplitude Modulation and a custom Wave Shaper modulation technique, where an oscillator amplitude can be amplified prior to a wave-shaper, in order to add harmonics without frequency variation.


  • 30 control knobs
  • A joystick to control modulation parameters
  • 3 oscillators
  • FM, AM, PM and Wave Shaping modulation
  • 3 LFOs with complex waveform
  • 1 ADSR
  • 1 MIX (3 channels, stereo)
  • 1 dual VCA
  • 1 dual distortion
  • A powerful digital connection matrix to control oscillator modulations
  • 2 octaves keyboard with portamento
  • 1 Stereo audio line IN
  • 1 Stereo audio line OUT
  • 1 MIDI input (note / velocity / pitch wheel / control change)
  • 1 analog CV IN and 1 GATE IN

Pricing and Availability

The Nozoïd MMO-3 synthesizer is available now for 499.00€. 

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  1. Another day another synth. The world of synthesizers is becoming like the world of music releases nowadays: you can’t deal with the amount of releases that happen everyday between ‘professional’ and bedroom records of unknown producers trying to get known. In the midst of all some with quality get lost and no one hears them again.

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