Novation Circuit Update 1.5

Novation today released v1.5 of the Circuit firmware.

The update adds fractional gate lengths, synth patch preview and more.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New features:
    • Note lengths for synth tracks are now recorded more precisely. Six (6) gradations of fractional gate length are available. Can also be input manually via repeated presses of a length pad in a synth Gate View. Please note sessions saved by the 1.5 firmware cannot be loaded by previous firmware releases.
    • Preview patches from the synth patch view (with variable or fixed velocity). Hold SHIFT to suppress preview. Monophonic patches play one note, polyphonic patches play a chord. Preview is suppressed while recording.
    • Added settings (orange pads) to toggle CC RX (left pad) and CC TX (right pad) separately to other MIDI messages.
  • Fixes:
    • Tweaked volume curve to make the behaviour of the Master Volume knob smoother

8 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Update 1.5

  1. The image at the top is of the Circuit Mono Station, not the original Circuit. (The original circuit doesn’t have a yellow bottom or an audio input.)

  2. Novation is really showing everyone how to support a product! Consistent updates that bring new features and not one of the updates has felt like I’m beta testing for them. Compare that to any hardware manufacturer. I bet every update translates into more sales too. I’m really curious if this stance will carry over to the Peak and their other products. If it does Novation is really setting themselves apart from everyone, and in a super cool way that I’m happy to support.

    Thanks for showing the big guys how to do it right Novation!

    1. A little off topic, but now I’m thinking about how great the Peak seems to sound! Couple that with this level of support and it could be a killer instrument.

      1. I was able to purchase a Peak at Moogfest this past weekend. It really sounds fantastic, I’m really digging the beefiness of the Oxford oscillators.

        1. I’ll second that. I have a Peak, and it sounds terrific. What really makes it work is the audio rate modulations. I’ve heard rumors they might do more with FM in a firmware update, but I don’t know. But sound quality is not a concern, it is lovely.

  3. Great update! I didn’t even know I wanted fractional gate length. Messed with it last night and it’s brought even more life to this instrument.

    And what’s up with the image for this article? That’s the mono station! 🙂

  4. i cannot work with equipment that has no display, i´m sorry.
    the electribes have at least a very good screen.

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