Free Korg microKorg Sound Library

The Korg microKorg has been on the market 15 years – and is, amazingly, still a top seller.

Why? Because even with a 15+ year-old virtual analog sound engine, it can make some pretty cool sounds. 

Here’s a free collection of Korg microKorg patches, created by synthesist Todd Smith.

You can download the patches as digital patches or in text format. You can check out Smith’s music on Bandcamp. 

5 thoughts on “Free Korg microKorg Sound Library

  1. Todd Smith makes me LOVE my MicroKorg so much. I just love this synth so bad. There just seems to be NO LIMIT to what it can do. For being as old as the MicroKorg is, it is just an incredible machine even today. I bought mine off of craigslist from a stranger who sold it to me in a garbage bag for 200 bucks. I had to bring it home and clean all the marker writing on it, now it looks brand new and it works great. Not a single problem with it. If you don’t have one, get on craigslist, get one on the cheap, and go to Todd’s YouTube channel. Tons of ideas and ways to just fall in love with a cheap ass MicroKorg! Awesome device, and Todd kicks ASS!

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