Patch Base For iPad Updated With Vintage Roland Synth Action

Coffeeshopped developer Chadwick Wood has updated his iPad patch editor, Patch Base, adding support for 4 vintage Roland synths: the JV-2080, JV-1080, XP-80 and XP-60.

The synths were big in the 90’s and, according to Legowelt, “If you program the JV-2080, you can get some really freaky sounds out of it.”

Patch Base can make it a lot easier to get some really freaky sounds, because it provides visual access to each synth parameter.

Support for each synth is divided into two editors. The “Patch” editor is the standard synth voice editor, giving access to all voice parameters as well as copy/paste for envelopes and “Tones” (more on this below). The “Rhythm” editor is the drum kit editor, where you can create a kit with 64 different sounds in it, and shape each sound with pitch, filter, and amp envelopes.

Here’s Legowelt talking about getting freaky with his Roland JV-2080:

Pricing and Availability

Patch Editor is a free download, but support for each synth is available as an In-App Purchase. For the next few days, the new editors are 50% off.

3 thoughts on “Patch Base For iPad Updated With Vintage Roland Synth Action

    1. it’s a pity that open, community based solutions like Ctrlr never really took off and became standard…

  1. pls be careful these softwares are often designed to mess up your hardware. For those who inderstand what is going on will agree with me.

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