Moog Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) Hands-On Demo

This video, via, offers a hands-on look at the Moog Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) Eurorack module.

The module is a limited-edition release, created for the Moogfest 2017 Engineering Workshop. Attendees were able to build the module under the guidance of Moog engineers.

The video is not a comprehensive demo, but offers a demonstration of the range of sounds that are possible with the module.

26 thoughts on “Moog Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) Hands-On Demo

  1. When I went to the build last week one of the group asked if this would make it into production and one of the engineers said the idea is being talked about for it. Take it with a grain of salt, but being the only current Moog dedicated to percussion sounds I’d say the likelihood is pretty plausable it could find a release, even a limited one, plus this thing sounds freaking amazing and would sell like hot cakes.

  2. …sounds very versatile. interesting that not even one cable is patched…
    btw…is the velocity control equal to CV?

  3. This little box has such a good sound. I’d say, they’ll make a product soon which every1 could buy…

    1. Yeah, Moog is leaving a ton of money on the table by not making the BFAM & DFAM production items.

      I’m sure there are a ton of Synthtopia readers that would buy 1 of each at $500, which has to add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. I know I’d buy them both – I’d love to have one of those three-tier racks, loaded with the Mother 32, BFAM & DFAM.

      If they are really committing to having these be limited edition models, they’ve got some brass cojones.

  4. I was at Moogfest last year, and built the BFAM. It was nice, but didn’t check many boxes for me, so I sold it. I so wish I had been able to make it this year, at least for the DFAM. I really hope Moog puts something similar into production.

  5. I actually like the sound of this way more than I figured I would.

    Moog needs to do a production run of them.

  6. It sounds amazing, but is anyone else super turned off by any sequencer with less than 16 steps?

    1. Yes,
      But this is the first time I dont mind at all. I have no moog synths, if this will be released, I definitely buy one.

    2. It depends on the context to me.

      On a drum machine, I like to have 64 steps – even an old Korg ER-1 had that.

      On this, though, I think I’d just hook it to a Beatstep Pro for doing longer rhythms. old school analog sequencers don’t scale well.

  7. also very very good at this is the “HYPERSYNTH XENOPHONE” !!
    (and it has even some features more…)

  8. i don’t care if MOOG makes this one official as i don’t need patch points 

    but please give us a more advanced version with swithces like on the GRP Synths 😉

  9. hopefully moog is reading these forums and if they are a for prophet company it seems a smart idea to release something people really want. i think this is a range they could capitalize on, most of us are not in the market for such expensive mono-synths. M32 and modules like this seem like a no brainer range. even Eurorack ‘mini’ versions of their bigger systems would sell like crazy. oh well, it’s their loss if they don’t start adapting and listening to the current market.

  10. Imagine having 2 or 3 of them in a rack like the Mother “96” and getting multiple parts and polyrhythms going and evolving. Very cool.

  11. Someone on the M32 Facebook group said that they spoke to a Moog employee about the possibility of a DFAM public release. The employee said that “if they get enough interest, they would do a production run” and to post inquiries at

    I’ve already begged…you should too!

  12. Yea. It’s gonna need to have MIDI and more steps I think. But it sounds quite nice. Would have loved to see some patched sounds also!

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