2 thoughts on “Yamaha CS-20M Hands-On Demo

  1. I own one. it’s incredibly well built. I mean, if you open one, compared to today standards, it looks like a tank. all the hardware of the chassis, metal parts, brakets, everything looks custom made (but inbustrial made) for the synth. Seen in person is a fascinating piece of gear.
    not ultra flexible in sounds, the multimode filter is good, never aggressive or gritty to my ears but definetly not rolandish peaches an cream, very electronic and ’70. Not very snappy the env.
    You can save eight patches, but than you cannot modify them, and the panel in patch recall mode does not work, you have to set to manual. SOMEBODY MADE A MOD TO HAVE MORE PATCH MEMORY, but I never found any instruction, so if somebody…..
    multiple unusual mod routings.
    Not for everyday use, maybe, but there are days I can spend hours on it.

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