10 Tips & Tricks For The Access Virus

This video, SynthMorph, offers 10 tips and tricks for the Access Virus.

The techniques should work with any Access Virus synth. 

Topics covered:

01:06 Listen to OSC3 in isolation
02:28 Distortion
06:16 Additional hidden gain
07:56 Recursive Modulation
12:31 OSC1 detune
13:46 Multiplied modulations
16:58 Infinite rhythmic patterns using just an LFO
19:12 The “hidden arpeggiator”
20:06 Simulating the delay without a delay
21:51 Simulate separate attack and release sounds


7 thoughts on “10 Tips & Tricks For The Access Virus

  1. i wonder why they stopped developing these

    i wouldnt mind seeing access do an actual analog or hybrid or something either

    1. I too would love to see a new, modern access synth but the guy behind the company seems totally focused on the Kemper profiler guitar amps.

  2. The Access Virus Polar is one of my most wanted synths, but the price remains way too high for its age. I tried one in a music store in London (Turnkey) many years ago, and was totally taken with it. But the price has not dropped since then – still close to $4000 for an instrument that is well over ten years old. Its good, but I’d argue you should be able to buy one for about $2,500 now. And Access do need to do something new.

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