Live Jam With Finger Drumming, Synths & Manipulator Vocal Harmonizer

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Gil Assayas shared another one of his ‘finger twisters‘, this time combining finger drumming, synths and vocal harmonization.

‘I recently got the Manipulator by Polyverse Music, an amazing plugin that lets you harmonize and modulate your vocals in realtime,” he explains. “Here’s a short tune I wrote with it.”

Technical Details:

DSI Prophet 6, Nord Stage 2 EX, Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075, Akai Professional MPK Mini II. All instruments recorded in one pass with no overdubs or sequences.

9 thoughts on “Live Jam With Finger Drumming, Synths & Manipulator Vocal Harmonizer

  1. The thumbs down on his YouTube videos are definitive proof that people can live – and use the internet – without an active brain.

  2. Later when his partner comes home from work:
    “But honey, I got featured on Synthtopia.”
    “You used a vocoder? The therapist said to WRITE it down.”
    “I laid it down. OW! Git down!”
    “You are hopeless. We are through.”
    “Baby please don’t go, down to New Orleans, Oooo, baby please don’t go. You know I love you s….*”
    :slams door:

  3. I generally really like everything Glasys does, and his playing is inspiring, but that vocal sound makes me cringe.

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