Getting Started With The Roger Linn Design LinnStrument

Instrument designer Roger Linn shared a new video that offers a hands-on look at getting started with the LinnStrument.

Linn covers getting started with the LinnStrument or LinnStrument 128, including how to hook it up and play sounds quickly, plus an overview of the panel controls.

See also his tutorial on using the LinnStrument for expressive control, and our Roger Linn interview.

The LinnStrument is a MIDI controller that offers 5 types of touch sensing, allowing for more expressive performances. It’s available in two sizes. Details are available at Linn’s site.

9 thoughts on “Getting Started With The Roger Linn Design LinnStrument

  1. If there is an award for instructional videos, Roger Linn deserves it (including the category “Best Voice”).

      1. Yes, but it’s quite expensive and a big chunk of that seems to be in the logic sounds Roger provides.

        I am all hardware, so I’d have to go in each machine and figure out how to change it to accept midi pitch slides larger than 1 full step.

        I do really like it as a concept and as someone who has trouble switching from stringed instruments to navigating keyboards, I do think it would allow me to be more creative and expressive.

        However, the technology being so new, I think there are too many barriers to entry at this juncture.

        1. ‘Quite expensive’ compared to what?

          The only controllers that really compare are the Continuum (more expensive) and the Seaboard (about the same price).

          All of them are pretty cheap compared to traditional instruments.

          Why are so many electronic musicians cheapskates when it comes to their instruments?

          Is it just that there are more electronic musicians that don’t have a background playing nice gear, or what?

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