Rheyne – DFAM Jam

This video, via Rheyne, captures a Eurorack modular synthesizer jam, featuring the Moog Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) module, a trio of Mother-32 synths and some Make Noise modules.

The DFAM is a new Eurorack module, created for a special workshop at Moogfest. “I assembled the module in the Engineer Workshop, led by Steve Dunnington who designed it,” notes Rheyne. “The module has much more versatility than what’s heard and displayed here..”

Here’s what Rheyne has to say about the technical details:

All notes are triggered by the Moog and Make Noise hardware in the rack

The DFAM is solo’d at the beginning and end of the video from a state change on the Make Noise Tempi, which I controlled using Lemur on my phone which was taped to the camera. This was sent as a MIDI message from Lemur to an iConnectMIDI 4, and then to one of the Mother-32 modules where it was converted to CV, which was sent to the Tempi’s state change CV input.

3 thoughts on “Rheyne – DFAM Jam

  1. moog make a nice eurorack delay and filter.
    this is cool but 5 people have it and if your not going make at least a small run .
    then im sure not interested in hearing what it can do , why even feature this vid.

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