Novation Circuit Fractional Gate Lengths

Novation guru Enrique Martinez shared this video demo of the new Fractional Gate Lengths with Circuit firmware 1.5.

Martinez covers what’s new with Circuit Components 1.5 and demos the new Fractional Gate Length feature with a Eurorack modular synthesizer. 

Technical Details:

Martinez notes a couple of options he likes for translating the Circuit’s MIDI to CV: Intellijel’s uMidi and the CV.OCD.

Here’s his intro to the CV.OCD:

3 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Fractional Gate Lengths

  1. Great demo Enrique! Fractional gate lengths really give it some swing. Thanks for the update Novation. CV integration is pretty seamless too.

    I know the Circuit gets ragged on for it’s lack of a screen but videos like this really show how usable it is, and how fun of groovebox Novation put together. Can’t beat the support either. I love spending time with it. Always come up with something new that I wouldn’t have with my other hardware. And I can do it on a train when I’d just be sitting around bored anyway.

    If you haven’t tried one yet don’t be put off by it’s missing screen. It’s genuinely a lot of fun and you won’t miss it. The interface is surprising intuitive. No menu diving here! Makes a great controller for your DAW too.

  2. The volume knob fix is quite awesome.
    Very interested in the CV.OCD after viewing this video.
    Also, i find the absence of a screen one of the appealing aspects of the Circuit. Everything is laid out in a logical and concise way….

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