Future Retro Transient Eurorack Drum Module Now Available

Future Retro has announced that the Transient Eurorack drum module is now available.

The Transient can recreate individual drum voices or sound like an entire drum machine or loop is playing, morphing from rhythm to rhythm. It can also sound more like a synthesizer when retriggering samples at audio rates and creating other special effects

More than 250 preset Instruments are built into the Transient. There are also 40 User locations to store your own custom Instrument settings.

Over 400 audio sample provide the foundation of sound in the Transient. These samples focus on classic drum machines and modern analog percussive sounds. There are two voices to play these samples, and sample selection for each voice can be modulated with things like knobs, CV’s, or random values.

While internal processing of these sounds is all 16 bit resolution, a 12 bit DAC is used to add more vintage character.

Here’s a playlist of video demos for the FR Transient module:

Pricing and Availability

The Future Retro Transient is available now for US $199.

3 thoughts on “Future Retro Transient Eurorack Drum Module Now Available

  1. I just received a brand new Transient. Did not work out of the box. It freezes a few scrolls into the menu and when I went to Future Retro’s site to register it the page to register it did not exist (http://www.future-retro.com/register.html). I’m just writing this as a buyer-beware warning to anyone thinking of buying one. I am not sure I will be able to get a refund or replacement and the entire process has been a real letdown. I’m not sure if it was just my unit that was bad or the entire line is. There are few videos out there outside of FR’s official demos even though it has been out for months now. I am writing this as a heads up to potential buyers to maybe wait a while before buying theirs so FR can get it together.

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