Sound Design With The Synthstrom Deluge

This video, via loopop, takes a look at sound design and synthesis with the new Synthstrom Deluge.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

The Synthstrom Deluge goes far deeper than just a big sequencing grid – the underlying synth has a few crazy powerful features.

I put together a clip with some of the surprises found under the hood.

Things like sample and filter layering, morphing single cycle waveforms (not sure it’s intended for this but it works…) and a crazy powerful mod matrix make this a standout synth machine.

Note: The single-cycle waveforms discussed in the video are available as a free download.

For info on the Deluge, see the Synthstrom site.

One thought on “Sound Design With The Synthstrom Deluge

  1. I have had one of these for about a week now. The Universe has conspired to keep me from spending any serious time with it. I like some of the synth presets very much and others are not my cup of tea. It’s nice to see that you have all of these options to make your own sounds. My plan was to use this as virtual tape loop machine for my Concrete sounds.

    I find it very easy to get around on this device. The UI just makes sense to me. I have not explored using the midi or CV outs as yet. I have barely scratched the surface.

    I found that the developers were very prompt about answering emails and questions.

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