New ‘AllFlesh’ Makes You Part Of Your Modular Synth Patches

Developer Eric Pitra of Landscape has introduced AllFlesh – a new patching system for modular systems that makes you part of your modular synth patches.

AllFlesh is designed to be a new way to interact, perform and control, yielding new results and new sounds not possible without the subtleties of human touch and gestural expression. You are the patch cords: you create modulation, your fingers are multiples, you are attenuation, you bend pitches with finger pressure, you transfer sequences from oscillator to oscillator, you trigger voices.

The size and shape of AllFlesh allows for expressive finger pressure changes, as well as directionalized placement in your system which aids ergonomic considerations, proximity to other jacks and knobs, and personal performance styles.

Similar to using patch cables, AllFlesh allows your system to be what you make it, but with AllFlesh the patching and personalization of a modular environment go much further. Each individual will move their hands differently within an AllFlesh patch, and each individual’s skin conductivity is different. These two variables mean that your modular interaction stays personalized, while also literally increasing your connection with and reaction to the resulting audio.

Here’s an example of AllFlesh in action:


  • Immersion Gold touch surface, 11 x17mm
  • 3.5mm mono phone plug
  • Available in DIY kits of 10 or 20
  • Simple soldering required
  • Can be plugged into stackable jacks
  • Can be touched with flesh or patch cables
  • Will trigger certain modules with only light finger taps, a comprehensive list of these modules will be added to as results trickle in.

Pricing and available are to be announced. See the Landscape site for details.

15 thoughts on “New ‘AllFlesh’ Makes You Part Of Your Modular Synth Patches

  1. This could be a much quicker way to explore possibilities in patching. Just plug a bunch of these in and touch different combinations to see what happens, things you really like, you can patchin permanently with a cord. Things that add performance variation, you keep as finger pads…

  2. keep in mind that the impedance of your body is fairly high and heavily dependent on humidity in the room.

    they show this working on some gate/trigger signals, and I’m guessing with modules that have a low trigger voltage requirement. not that this isn’t pretty cool, but I think applications where these will work will be the exception, not the norm, and there will be no guarantee that they will work at another time of day or in another room.

    probably have better luck with logic type signals than audio… i am interested though, had some fun experiences with body contacts back in my circuit bending days.

    1. “applications where these will work will be the exception, not the norm, ”
      Well, maybe that is what brought some musicians to the modular world in the first place.

  3. It will be great for those moments when you patch two points together and then you want to turn the filter knob at the same time …..oh….hang on…

  4. Quarter inch fully assembled version please! My soldering is a bit rubbish and my time is very limited. Nice idea though.

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