8 thoughts on “How To Sample & How To Make Synth Sounds On The Elektron Digitakt

  1. I thought the same but I have their other gear so I guess once you wrap your head around one box, you sort of get the jist of all of them. Going backwards from the OT and A4 to the monomachine was a glitch in the matrix for me but this seems to be a lot easier to operate than the OT for sure. And the live recording motion rec (live automation recording) is a nice feature from the Analog rytm. Simple sampler with some cool mangling features and potentially a granular sampler which is a great addition that you can really only find in IOS apps of specific soft synths for granular synthesis or if you get funky in abletons simpler or your Amon Tobin and doing whatever the hell it is that he does to his samples. Got dam magician.

  2. Yeah, just doesnt feel that intuitive watching it. I am looking for a sampler that can process and loop, but there are probably simpler options out there for me like the Roland units.

    1. Microsampler’s pretty straightforward for building loops/processing. I’ve got one and I love it.

  3. I think its nice and simple little machine. It looks like a bit more advanced sample part from Rytm with some OT additions. And, don’t forget, its cheaper then other Elektron gear.
    If you want more advanced sampler – you can get OT. A bit shame it’s only using mono samples (like in Rytm), doesn’t have memory card slot (it’s ok for Rytm, but not for dedicated sampler), but in the end, seems it’s a fun little box.

  4. After just watching a couple videos, I feel I know it so well, that I could already play it instictively like an instrument.

  5. I know it’s light on features compared to bigger boxes but it’s also way more in depth than say a Volca sample which is shockingly useful. I remember buying a Volca sample to “just screw around with” and then two weeks into it I was like hellbent on making entire tracks with it. It was tough but ultimately I felt trapped with short loops. Man does it make samples sound good though, no joke. I love the Digitakt so far. It’s been a little tricky but also I have moments where I’m clicking away like a secretary and making music happen so I think I’ll get the hang of it!

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