Moffenzeef Muskrat Is ‘A Vile Little Wavetable Drum’ Module

The Moffenzeef Muskrat a Eurorack 8-bit wavetable drum module for Eurorack synthesizers, or as they describe it, ‘a vile wavetable drum’.

There are 23 board wavetables to choose from, either manually or via bipolar CV input. Pitch and phase distortion include bipolar CV inputs and accept -5v to +5v.

The “Trigger” input is designed without input conditioning and picks up signals of all varieties, so it works  as an envelope follower circuit. You can plug an external CV or offset into this input and it will operate like a regular VCA.

For even more extreme sound mangling, engage the Muskrat mode to feed a random number into the phase accumulator at the internal clock rate. This mode also includes a gate input that acts as an “accent”.

Here are a couple of demo videos, via Voltage Control Lab, that demo the module and optional expansion chips:


  • Chew – pitch with bipolar cv input
  • dig – wavetable selection with bipolar cv input
  • scratch – phase distortion with bipolar cv input
  • bang! – “trigger” input with envelope follower, decay, & vca
  • tail – adjust decay time of enveløpe follower
  • 3 position range switch for decay
  • muskrat switch + input – causes chip to glitch out when switch is active or when 2v or higher is received
  • socketed chip – swap chips with msg for extended experimentation

Pricing and Availability

The Moffenzeef Muskrat is available now for US $129. Expansion chips are $30.

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