How To Get Started With Eurorack Modular Synthesis

Tempted by the idea of modular synthesis but not sure where to start? Don’t have the space for a giant large-format modular?

Eurorack systems are the most popular format for modular synthesis, because they’re more portable than traditional large-format 5U systems, and because there’s a huge variety of modules available.

This video takes a look at getting started with Eurorack modulars. In the video,  Eurorack synth guru DivKid shares his take on what you’ll need to get started, covering case considerations, power, patching, modules and more.

Whether your preference is a large-format modular or a Eurorack system, a good starter system will include: an oscillator (VCO) or other sound generator; a filter (VCF); an amplifier (VCA); and some modules that can be used for modulating controlling or automating the settings on your synth (keyboard, sequencer, LFOs, envelopes, etc).

What modules would you put in your starter modular? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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