Modular Synthesis With Junkie XL

Composer Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) is back with another episode of his Studio Time series, this time offering his take on an introduction to modular synthesis.

Holkenborg has a massive Dotcom-style 5U system, with modules from, Corsynth, STG, Moon Modular, MOS-LAB, SSL and others. His modular is scaled for the type of work that he does, film scoring, and for the way he likes to work.

“Do you actually need everything like this?” he asks.¬†“No, you don’t. Is it fun? DEFINITELY!”

For more on getting started with modular synths, see synth designer Roger Arrick’s Introduction To Modular Synthesizers.

7 thoughts on “Modular Synthesis With Junkie XL

  1. His modular looks very clean and he’s a bazillion dollars worth of synths so that leads me to assume he pays for cleaning… can you imagine the instructions for cleaning his modular?! Possibly maids that have never been heard from again after dusting a patch away.

    1. A lot of studios in LA have a cleaning service. Or interns. We had interns cleaning until they mopped the control room and messed up some rack gear. Then paid an (overpriced but amazing) cleaning service.

  2. Junkie always wanted to be a synth hero worldwide, however he had no way to get there.

    This series at least gets Junkie more known amongst synth bots.

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