Korg Minilogue Vangelis Style Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s another synth jam from Adam Borseti, who showcases the Korg Minilogue, along with his own keen ear for sound design, with this Vangelis-inspired track.

Can you get that massive Vangelis sound with just one entry-level keyboard?

It could use a gratuitous cymbal crash or two to put it over the top – but, Borseti pretty much nails the classic 80’s Vangelis sound.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Technical Details:

All sounds come from a Korg Minilogue, multitracked with four parts:

  • Track 1: Sequencer
  • Track 2: String Pad
  • Track 3: CS-80 Piano
  • Live Track: Brass

Effects: TC Hall of Fame reverb and MXR Chorus.

20 thoughts on “Korg Minilogue Vangelis Style Synth Jam

  1. Adam Borseti has numerous videos on YouTube that demonstrate his considerable skill at programming this instrument. He sells his patches, too. Impressive and well worth checking out.

  2. It says “All sounds come from a Korg Minilogue, multitracked with four parts”. But then it says “Track 3: CS-80”. So is it all Minilogue or not?

      1. No, but then that’s not the name of another instrument is it? And you think “CS-80” is a patch name? As I recall the CS-80 was capable of a lot of different sounds, so simply saying “CS-80” doesn’t really say much about the sound, does it? And I think Vangelis used his CS-80 for more than one sound. My point is, and I’m right, simply calling the sound “CS-80” isn’t enough.

            1. Okay, then what CS-80 synth patch? You seem to be unaware of how many sounds the CS-80 was capable of. Still kinda vague isn’t it?

          1. Well Torgood since you are just as vague as the descriptions of the sounds, why don’t you end the struggle and answer my points instead of wasting space too. Brass isn’t a vague term. The live track has a brass sound. Not vague at all.

    1. I think what he means is that track 3 is an imitation of a CS80. But either way it goes to show that it’s not the synth that makes it sound like Vangelis, but whoever is playing it (I’ve played on a CS80 before, and I can’t play for toffee, and the result was, well, like toffee!!)

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