Q148 VCA++ Packs Five Functions Into One 5U Module designer Roger Arrick has introduced the Q148 VCA++, a 5U module that combines a normal VCA, a left-right panner, a clipping monitor, a tuner, and a headphone amplifier all in a single-space module.

Arrick says that the Q148 VCA++ makes a great final output module for studio or live work.


  • The VCA offers both manual and voltage control. When patching in a control voltage, the VCA knob becomes an attenuator for the control voltage and becomes your volume control.
  • The panning section gives you manual or voltage control of where the sound goes – left and/or right.
  • The tuning section provides an A (440hz) or C (523hz) standard for setting oscillators.
  • An LED indicates when the signal is getting close to the natural clipping level of the internal circuits to prevent distortion and help you set proper levels for the best signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Stereo headphone amplifier with a volume control.

Pricing and Availability

The Q148 VCA++ module is available now for US $212.

4 thoughts on “ Q148 VCA++ Packs Five Functions Into One 5U Module

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