Free Kebu Analog Collection For Roland JD-XA Synthesizer

Roland has shared a free patch library for the Roland JD-XA synthesizer, created by Finnish synthesist Kebu (Sebastian Teir). 

Kebu’s patches use the JD-XA’s analog synth engine, along the keyboard’s digital effects.

Here’s Kebu’s audio demo for the patch library:

The Kebu Analog Collection is a free download via the Roland site.

9 thoughts on “Free Kebu Analog Collection For Roland JD-XA Synthesizer

  1. Pretty sure it’s “Finnish”, not “Finish”!

    Meanwhile, what’s not to love about Kebu. If I had one of these annoying red-black Roland thingies I’d check this out for sure.

  2. roland totally screwed up the built-in sequencer. it is utter crap. there is still no possibilty to switch patterns on the fly. you have to stop one pattern, then choose the next to play that. unbelievable flaw. and why didn´t they implement the great pcm drum track of the jd-xi?? i hope on the 21th roland comes up with a new workstation like fantom g w/ acb synth sounds inside. i don´t like the analogue route roland took with the jd-xa (and jd-xi).

    1. Cheesy to you, great to me!

      The standard patches cover the usual edm territory, to it’s nice to hear this doing some classic Roland analog sounds.

  3. Kebu is the man. I didn’t get into the XA, but the wee Xi is the best value in a mini key synth by a mile. Try to get a white one – way easier to see the controls.

    1. True Mr. Kirn, but Roland is now offering a MATTE overlay with all-white lettering, free for JD-Xi owners who don’t like the gloss/red mishap. I contacted their parts department and they shipped it to me no charge. Kudos to Roland.

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