Video Equations Eurorack Video Synth

Developer Rob Jordon of Cat Full Of Ghosts has introduced a new video synthesis Eurorack module, Video Equations.

The Video Equations system uses mathematics to create ‘lo-fi seas of colour, acid trip roguelikes, glitching fractals, visions of an 80’s techno dream and worlds of crashing computer programs’.


  • 16 colors, hundreds of characters and symbols
  • 40+ different equation archetypes each with two modifier sliders and a colour depth control for literally millions of unique stable or evolving visuals
  • color and character offset knobs for even more control and variation of output
  • 6 variable size masks, each with an invert function and mask fill options
  • 7x CV in (0-5v with protection)
  • RCA composite video out with ac coupling and esd protection
  • Built-in screen available as an option

Pricing and Availability

Video Equations is available now for 350AU pre-built or $290AU for a kit.  A built-in screen is available for +$100AU. The display has an external RCA connector, so it can can be used to monitor other video signals.

3 thoughts on “Video Equations Eurorack Video Synth

  1. Going to get one and put it on my TV. Then tell my friends it’s the latest David Lynch Amazon-Netflix-Hulu Prime exclusive online only series with an 80’s theme and make fun of them when they don’t get it. Just gotta remember to laugh and act surprised every few minutes. Maybe put the audio of one of the CSI’s under it.

  2. it’s freakin hysterical that this is a thing and “people” actually pay big money for the equipment, this guy has done a great job putting this together and his talent is impressive but i can’t wait for the world to start going forward again.

    1. Retro can get absurd at times but: It also leads to people rediscovering the way things were done and regardless of how current a solution is, you can almost always learn something from it. Video synths are fascinating beasts but this one here looks more like a digital character generator with voltage control. Not nearly as fascinating, but probably nice to have if you are playing some kind of acid gig and want to provide old school visuals.

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