disting mk4 Update Adds Wavetable VCO & More

Expert Sleepers has released version 4.2 of the firmware for their disting mk4 multifunction Eurorack module.

The update adds a Wavetable VCO, a MIDI Clock mode, as well as the new algorithms added in the disting mk3’s v3.9 mentioned.

Download the new firmware from here. You can find out more about the disting module at the Expert Sleepers site.

3 thoughts on “disting mk4 Update Adds Wavetable VCO & More

  1. Disting… The euro rack module that just keeps giving… and giving… and giving……

    Seriously, the Disting along with the O_C are two of the most used and ‘valuable’ modules in my rack for this very reason.

    Great stuff!

  2. I only used the Disting occasionally before (it’s a great Swiss Army knife when you need some function you need once in a while). But this wavetable VCO mode is pretty great and it’s making me think about picking up a second one. Got a bunch of Adventure Kid wavetables set up and working on converting a few other sets.

  3. The great thing about Disting is I’ve tried so many functions out before deciding whether or not to buy certain dedicated modules. Along with Mutable instrument’s Peaks it’s one of my best buys; essential if you only have a small system too!

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