iceWorks Mersenne Synthesizer Updated To Version 2

iceWorks has updated Mersenne, a melodic percussion synthesizer for iOS that combines two FM synthesis modules, a noise generator and a resonator. 

Here’s what’s new in version 2:

  • Universal App : Optimized for iPad and iPhone
  • Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3) compatible
  • Support for Audiobus State Saving
  • Exporting and importing of presets via Share extensions
  • Add Swing parameter to the arpeggiator
  • Improved MIDI mapping function
  • Support for Bluetooth MIDI Devices
  • Add Grain and Attack parameters to the Noise

Pricing and Availability

Mersenne is available for US $5.99 in the App Store.


7 thoughts on “iceWorks Mersenne Synthesizer Updated To Version 2

  1. Wow. Great demo!! Nice music, no talking, clear visuals. Seems well thought out. Its an inexpensive app. I’m getting one.

  2. Great synth and super demo!
    I notice that it’s by the same developer as RedShrike? What’s are the differences between the two synths (other than the colour scheme) because the architecture is remarkably similar?

  3. have had this app for quite a while. devs are awesome, i asked for Ableton Link support, very next update – Ableton Link support. Such a great synth I use it heaps, great to see all the new features.

  4. all their apps are first-rate, there is *some* overlap but their pricing is so reasonable – who cares? excellent sound and they all “play well with others” – check out the Laplace Resonator Synth too!

  5. I like all of the iceWORKS apps but really like Mersenne. I use it in-lieu of standard percussion elements in a lot of tracks. Its even better now that its AUv3.

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