7 thoughts on “Free Patches For The Yamaha Reface CS

  1. What is it with Japanese companies and these super small synths? Do they come with a magnifying glass, or is that sold separately?

    1. TimS

      The controls on the Reface are full-sized and spaced like on any synth. The black and white letting is easy to read, too – if you can’t read it, it’s your eyes, not the synth.

      Overall, it’s probably the most usable mini-synth available right now. It’s got a dedicated control for every parameter, so it’s easier to use than even a lot of full-size synths.

      The mini-keys are the big compromise they made to get the price down. The keyboard Yamaha uses for these feels a lot better than what Korg and Roland are using, but you can’t get around that they’re mini-keys.

  2. These are real mini-monster Synths. And the keys are surprisingly good to play – agree Yamaha have gone the extra mile on playability vs Korg & Roland mini-keys.

  3. To this date I have never found any premade synth patch useful. Editing is always required. At its best they are starting points. The music calls for its sound, not vice versa?

    A tad different for sampled acoustic instruments. I found some useful stuff there, but synths?

    Do anybody pay for synth patches??!

  4. I borrowed a reface CS for a couple weeks recently and it’s one of the most fun modern analogue modelling synths I’ve ever touched. Every sound I made sounded fantastic. Interface was intuitive and easy to control.

    There were a few little things that made me ultimately decide against buying… things like the sound cuts out momentarily when you switch the effect. That’s inexcusable for a performance instrument. It’s like a guy in a $3k suit and dirty trainers… it sours the offer.

  5. great…all 3 people who brought this overpriced Yamaha lemon will find these patches useful. Especially as THERES NO PATCH BUTTONS ON THE ACTUAL UNIT. such a #fail

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