Freakshow Industries Intros Backmask Plugin

New plugin company Freakshow Industries has introduced Backmask for OS X & Windows.

Backmask is described as ‘a chaotic reverser plugin that uses government approved paradox processing technologies to expose the hidden terrors of music.’.

Freakshow was founded by a pair of experienced audio developers that wanted to start a company and do their own thing, ‘subversive and ridiculous audio production effects built for sound designers and experimental music producers’.

Here’s the Backmask preview video:

Pricing and Availability

Backmask is available for US $20 at the Freakshow Industries site. A 14-day free trial is also available.

FI also is taking a unique approach to piracy, letting you ‘steal’ Backmask licenses directly from their site, rather than having people downloading altered and potentially dangerous versions. See their site for details.

13 thoughts on “Freakshow Industries Intros Backmask Plugin

  1. Cmon guys, your lack of an audio or video demo that clearly demonstrates what your plugin does is going to cost you a lot more customers than piracy ever would!

  2. An interesting view on piracy! Very forward thinking and should produce some good stats for them. Ensures everyone has a positive experience with the plugin as well. In my experience piracy is mostly a game for the young who probably wouldn’t (couldn’t?) purchase anyway so I bet it won’t hurt sales too much. At some point the trouble, risk, and morals hit and buying software turns into the right thing to do for most people. Finally getting an OK income and understanding how much work goes into development helps with that too. Always nice to support the devs that produce the software I play with, and I want them to make more!

    That said, looks like a fun and creative plugin but I wish they had a better demo video or a follow-up tutorial showing this off. Maybe a manual too. It’s not very clear exactly what the plugin does. I’m sure it’s coming. The support page says they’re powered by human tears so they probably had to recharge. In the meantime I’ll have to check out the demo.

  3. How is it stealing if they give it away? ‘Stealing’ or stealing? … ‘Stolen product licenses are fully functional, they are just not eligible for any upgrade stuff’. Although I haven’t used the vst the idea from it seems like the stupid videos on youtube that have people using ‘paul stretch’ to slow down some sort of noise and to make out that they hear ‘satan’.

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