Xfer Records Intros Serum Toolkit Volume 2

Xfer Records has introduced Serum Toolkit Volume 2, a new collection of Serum patches created by sound designer Francis Preve.

Serum Toolkit Volume 2 puts the emphasis on iconic sounds, built around a variety of synthesis techniques, including analog, FM, vector and LA synthesis.

In addition to recreations of classic synth patches that are perfect for synthwave and retronica applications, Volume 2 includes 40 analog-style sounds, based on samples from Preve’s collection of vintage gear. The sounds of synths like the SH101, SEM and MS20 are included, bringing an analog element to the sound of Serum.

Here’s what they have to say about the new sound library:

Punchy basses, smooth pads, crystalline bells and fat leads are all present in this pack of 100 presets, along with an array of rhythmic elements and vintage percussion effects to round out the package. As with the original, the main macros offer versatile control of elements like Spectrum, Subs, Filter, Envelope and Effects.

There are also specialized macros for FM and vector synthesis that allow for quick edits – regardless of skill level – so if you’re already a fan of Volume 1, you’ll be right at home with the new edition.

Pricing and Availability

Serum Toolkit Volume 2 is available now for US $29.

4 thoughts on “Xfer Records Intros Serum Toolkit Volume 2

  1. Serum is my absolute favorite VST synth to patch from scratch… and I have always felt like the presets that come with it are 90% terrible.

    In fact the first time I demo’d Serum, I just flipped through the presets, went “meh” and uninstalled it. I’m glad I went back and tried it again several months later.

    Somehow I can’t bring myself to raise any interest in buying more presets. More wavetables maybe, but Serum is also really good at creating them from samples or completely from scratch.

  2. If anything I would like them to improve CPU load / stability, maybe more features. I agree about presets not really showing off anything good or sounding like something I would buy.
    -I would like to see optional time snapping points to the grid inside the LFO and envelope area.
    -Ability to Maximize the envelope and lfo grids to full screen or just much larger would be awesome as well.
    -Resizable GUI for us on laptop screens, ideally a Vectorized GUI
    -New FX algorithms for the current effects
    -Drag and drop sample to the Noise oscillator (maybe more functionality / mangling for sample playback), possibly even resampling into itself to save CPU

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