Folktek Omnichord Hands-On Demo

This video, via Berlin-based composer Hainbach, is a hands-on demo of the Folktek Omnichord, with a discuss of its unique capabilities and a look at how it compares to an original Omnichord.

Hainbach demos the Folktek Omnichord OM-84, which has been extensively modified, with more than 60 touch points. 

Here’s an example of how Hainbach uses the Folktek Omnichord, the track Bleached Debris:

7 thoughts on “Folktek Omnichord Hands-On Demo

      1. Hi, thx for watching! Just to clarify, I did not do promo videos. I bought the field kit and the Squarp myself and explored them by making music with these tools. None of this was paid or commissioned by Squarp or Koma. Cheers!

  1. They have on of these at a local pawn shop for about $200, I think it sounds cool, but not $200 cool new or old. I see them on Ebay for even more.. And its featureless without mods. Reminds me of an child’s keyboard type look and sound. Which isn’t bad, but isn’t $200 good either

    1. Electronic musicians typically circuit bend them or use them as a sound source for effecting. Daniel Lanois is a well-known user – there’s a lot of it on the Apollo soundtrack he did with Eno.

      1. Elec…tron..what,,? Musicians? Like robots and stuff? 😛

        I get ya, I do the same with some old kids toys I got at yard sales and thrift stores (not being a jerk and calling this a kids toy)…just my observation from my playing with it, that the internal sound didn’t seem worth $200 used at a pawn shop.

        Perhaps if I had more experience with it I could have achieved better results.

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