FAC Chorus For iOS

Developer Fred Anton Corvest, aka FAC, has introduced FAC Chorus, an effect for iOS that’s designed to simulate the characteristics of classic chorus modules, but with the flexibility of customizing the parameters of the main components involved in the signal path.

The effect is built upon two individual delay line paths, controlled by common parameters. The behavior of each delay signal path is defined by the chorus type parameter.

‘Thick’ type emulates the behavior of classic BBD (bucket brigade device) choruses. ‘Clean’ type, as the name says, offers a less colored sound, with a larger modulation.

Video Demo:


  • Audio Unit V3 (Host provided, supported in GarageBand, AudioBus3, AUM…)
  • Host App supports most iPhone/iPad input devices (mic and USB devices)

Pricing and Availability

FAC Chorus is available now for US $2.99.

3 thoughts on “FAC Chorus For iOS

  1. This is a LUSH chorus!!! One of the devices it models is the Roland Juno chorus!!! Put this after a synth app, like DRC synth, in your Audiobus or AUM signal chain, and you will be getting about as close to (as currently possible on iOS) the highly coveted, classic analog Roland Juno sounds!!! Highly recommended!!!!

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