Patch Base Updated With Roland D-50 / D-550 Support

Developer Chadwick Wood (Coffeeshopped) has updated his iPad patch editing app Patch Base, adding editors for 2 vintage Roland synths, the D-50 and D-550.

Wood created a video preview:


You can find out more about Patch Base and the new editors at the Coffeeshopped site.

Pricing and Availability

Patch Base is available as a free download from the App Store. Support for individual synths is available as in-app purchases

5 thoughts on “Patch Base Updated With Roland D-50 / D-550 Support

  1. Once again – their GUI looks cluttered because of very little visial separation between module blocks and all controllers / button / switches appear the same ! Also with the colour schemes – all of the controls are more or less the same colour as the background.

  2. Having used PatchBase with a bunch of synths, the layout works really well and doesn’t feel cluttered or squashed. Much easier than using MidiQuest or other editors. And your patches are backed up via iCloud. Great way of keeping of old synths relevant and easier to use. Perfect for racks, which is my primary use case.

  3. I’m using MIDI-designer. Great app – but… IPads have too little screen estate to become really good controllers.

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